Youth Employment

“It was such a fun summer, I made friends and I hope we can meet again…”

– Trudaisha B.

“I was scared at first; meeting new people, seeing new faces… but after some time everyone opened up to each other. That’s when the real fun began, working, messing around, teasing one another… just having a great time! Sadly, all fun things come to an end.”

– Kaitlin Burke

“It was fun making new friends at work and it was a great experience!”

– Cherisa C.

“I got to know many new people thanks to this experience. I am glad I got to work here.”

– Kiran D.

“Meeting new people and working here was nice!”

– Malcolm F.

“Working here is a very great place, meeting people, engaging with them is a good experience. I learned a lot in little amount of time. I would definitely come back.”

– Arianna R.

“Working at LeChee Chapter was a great experience for me. I liked learning and gaining the work experience. I met nice and hardworking people. I am very grateful to have this experience and learned a lot working here.”

– Keoni S.

“Working here was nice and learned many new things.”

– Ronald S.

” Working at LeChee Chapter was pretty cool because I got to do things with the other workers like paint the Chapter and scrape the ‘popcorn’ ceiling off…”

– Kyle Y.

BACK ROW: Kiran Davis, Kyle Yazzie, Malcolm Fowler, Trudaisha Bitsoie, Kaitlin Burke.
FRONT ROW: Ronald Smith, Keoni Sloan, Cherisa Chee, Arianna Redshirt, Charlene Littleman

From July 8, 2019 to August 2, 2019, LeChee Chapter hired 10 amazing Youth Employees. In the beginning of their employment it was awkward and new which is normal. As days went on, with each laughter and chats our group grew a bond. This bond was able to carry out many things (listed below). On a daily basis, our Youth Employees kept the Chapter House clean (cleaned the lobby and public bathrooms), answered phones (learn to communicate professionally over the phone), assisted with guests/customers with questions, and assisted with trash services.
Not only was there hard work, but also chances of learning as well; safe driving (Thank you, Ms. Evelyn Walker, from ‘The Department of Highway Safety’), Teen Talk (Thank you Ms. Sydney Tolchinsky, ‘Teen Pregnancy Prevention from Coconino County Health and Human Services’), and Teen Workshop (Thank you Mr. Tyler Manson, from ‘Dine Youth’).
So the next time you come to the Chapter House, look around and marvel at their work. Also if you see these amazing kids, thank them for making a beautiful change to your Chapter House.
2019 Summer Youth Employees! With the amazing work you have accomplished, we look forward to see more great things from you all in the future!



  1. Cleaned outside and around the Chapter also dumpsters (pulled weeds, picked up trash, & trimmed hedges)
  2. Installed signs at trash bins
  3. Fixed holes in Chapter walls
  4. Repainted inside Chapter walls
  5. Thoroughly cleaned entire Chapter
  6. Repainted outside lining of the Chapter House
  7. Helped rearranged and organized Chapter House