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Product Price
Black & White $0.10 per page
Color $0.20 per page
Trash Disposal

Recycling is the same price

New Trash Prices Price

Tall Kitchen

8-13 gallon bags


Extra Large Bag

30-33 gallon bags


Lawn & Leaf

39-55 gallon bags

Truck Load $12.00
Over Truck Bed $20.00


FAXING- NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME (We are able scan and email)
Sending Receiving
1st page $2.00 $1.25
Additional pages $0.50 $0.25

Assistance is available to eligible, Voting Members of LeChee Chapter and depending on availability of funds. Information and application packets are available at the Chapter House and below.

Housing Discretionary Assistance
Veteran’s Assistance​
Student Financial Assistance
Public Employment Program
Summer Youth Employment Program

Building Usage Form

Building Usage Form: Please print, fill out, and return to the chapter house or submit to lechee@navajochapters.org. We take only cash or money order for building fee.

Financial Assistance Application Form

For registered voting community members for emergency assistance. The assistance is in the amount of $150 with in the LeChee Chapter Budget.

Funeral assistance application form

For registered voting community members for assistance in Burial Costs of a  loved one that has passed away.

Housing Discretionary Policy & Appplication

Do you need assistance with home repairs? Please read the Policy and Procedures, turn in all required documents listed, and complete the application. Please return to the Chapter House when completed.

Navajo Nation Addressing authority

This form is to request an electronic online request for a Physical Address Verification document. It is also called a Proof of Residency document as well.

Physical Address Verification Request (arcgis.com)

  1. New (First Time Applying) request for a document.
  2. Add-On (From a Previous Household Family Member from the Same Residence) request for a document.
  3. Update (Previous Document Received from Our Office)

Census Data Information

Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010

Navajo Nation Housing Authority Application

Whether you are applying for the Public Rental Program or the Homeownership Program it starts with the application process. The following documents are needed to complete your application.