Greetings LeChee Community Students!

On this page you will find information on the LeChee Chapter Scholarship Policy & Procedure.

Below that there will be additional scholarship information to aid you in your pursuit of higher education!

Congratulations to the Scholarship Recipients for Fall 2022

We had a record turn out for this Fall Scholarship 2022 Semester… with the Assistance of Antelope Canyon Tours Ekis and Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours:

Every Qualified Student (16) received an Award Letter. Honestly, with deepest gratitude Ahxéhee’ for helping sponsor our future leaders, Doctors, Scientists etc. 


***Applications will not be available prior to the availability dates listed below.***

The Lechee Chapter Scholarship applications are available for pickup at the Chapter Administration or via email (by written request).

Please email the chapter at your name and email address, we then will send you the policies, checklist, and Scholarship application.

Only Applications that submit ALL required documents will be considered and accepted.  All awards will be distributed on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis!
With this information, you will be able to begin compiling your required documents and be able to submit your scholarship application in a timely manner.

Scholarships available dates vary based on fund availability. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our office at 928-698-2805.

Dates Scholarship Applications are available
(by semesters):

Fall –  To be determined 

Spring – To be determined

Summer – To be determined

Application Deadline Dates based on
chapter meeting dates:

Fall –  August Planning Meeting

Spring – January Planning Meeting

Summer – May Planning Meeting

          • If your are 18 years and older, must be a registered voter of the LeChee Chapter for at least 3 months prior to applying.
          • If you are 17 years and younger, one of your parents must be a registered voter for at least one (1) year prior to applying.
          • You must be enrolled full-time or part-time in an Accredited College, University, Vocational Institution, or Technical School.
          • You must be a member of the Navajo Nation with a Census Number.
              • LeChee Chapter Scholarship Application
              • Driver’s License or State ID
              • Social Security Card
              • Certificate of Indian Blood
              • Voter Registration Card
              • Current OFFICIAL Transcript
              • Letter of Admission/Acceptance and/or Enrollment Verification (showing semester applying for)
              • Master/Doctorate students, Initial letter of Admission to specified program and a Checklist with grades/signature from Advisor, thereafter.
              • Current Class Schedule for the Semester/Trimester applying for
              • Signed Policies and Procedure form

    Before applications are accepted, all essential documents must be present or the application will be considered incomplete and denied.

    1. Applications available for pick up at the chapter or requested through email.
    2. Turn in all essential documents mentioned in a timely manner.
    3. Submit an official transcript at the end of the awarded semester
    4. Maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher


    Chapter Administration Responsibilities:

    The Chapter is not responsible for lost or damage documents and also will not compile documents for applicants.

    1. Provide applications upon opening dates
    2. Inform the students of the deadline date and Regular Chapter Meeting scheduled date.
    3. Safeguard all essential documents and file them according to the Records Management Policies & Procedures.
    4. Make periodic and random follow-ups on all scholarship recipients to check on attendance and academic progress.